RPS announces news facility dog in PADS Sinclair

The Regina Police Service announced PADS Sinclair, an Accredited Facility Dog at the Regina Children’s Justice Centre (RCJC), and will follow in the paw steps of his predecessor, PADS Merlot.

The announcement comes after PADS Sinclair received comprehensive training through Pacific Assistance Dogs (PADS). The non-profit organization breeds raises and fully trains certified assistance dogs.

Starting training at just eight weeks old, Sinclair received over 1,200 hours of advanced training before being placed with his handler, Sgt. Kyla Young, at two and a half years old.

“Sinclair has been an invaluable addition to the team, and I can’t wait to see the impact he makes,” said Sgt. Young. He has already assisted in numerous investigations, where his calming presence has made it a little bit easier on victims and/or witnesses of crime or trauma.”

As a professionally trained Facility Dog, Sinclair provides quiet companionship to vulnerable individuals in legal settings like courtrooms, interviews, and hospitals during an investigation. He was chosen because of his calm demeanour and ability to work in high-stress environments.

PADS Sinclair’s announcement comes after PADS Merlot recited after an eight-year career, where the K-9 assisted with 325 forensic interviews, 385 support visits in court and assisted officers with more than a dozen critical incidents and mental health debriefs.

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