Province Reveals Top Baby Names for 2023

Today eHealth Saskatchewan, their annual list of the top baby names for 2023. Olivia continues its reign as the most beloved name for baby girls, securing the top position for the ninth consecutive year. This bumps Emma to the second spot, overshadowing last year’s leading girl name, Amelia, which now finds itself in eleventh place.

For baby boys, Oliver emerges as the reigning favorite, with Noah and Liam securing the second and third spots respectively. Noteworthy additions to the 2023 roster include Muhammad making its debut at number 19 for boys, while Isabella returns to the girls’ list after an eight-year hiatus, securing the 13th position.

Some popular names didn’t carry over to the top of 2023 list, such as Willow, Abigail, Scarlett, Chloe, and Mia. Surprisingly, more than one-third of the most popular baby boy names from 2022 failed to reappear, including James, Benjamin, Walker, Asher, Maverick, Luke, and Elijah.

As of February 3, 2024, Olivia and Oliver maintain their popularity, with 50 baby girls named Olivia and 63 baby boys named Oliver in 2023.

The Province reported 12,832 live births as of February 3, 2024. In 2022, 13,363 live births were registered, excluding those from Saskatchewan mothers who gave birth outside the province.

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