SaskTel Expands 5G Network Coverage in Rural Saskatchewan

SaskTel announced the launch of 5G on 30 additional cell sites serving rural communities and highway corridors across Saskatchewan.

Photo: SaskTel

“At SaskTel, we’re firmly committed to being the best at connecting our customers to the world,” said Charlene Gavel, SaskTel President and CEO. “The continued rollout of our 5G network will strengthen the technological foundation of our province and help support the development of exciting innovations that have the power to transform nearly every aspect of modern life.”

The 5G network currently offers data speeds of up to 1.2 Gigabits per second (Gbps), with the potential for even faster speeds as the network matures. Future benefits of 5G include increased network capacity and ultra-low latency, enabling new use cases for emerging wireless technologies.

The expansion of SaskTel’s 5G network is expected to increase connectivity, particularly in rural areas. 5G’s high-speed data capabilities will help bridge the digital divide and promote advancements in remote healthcare, online learning, agriculture, transportation, and other important industries in rural Saskatchewan.

The ongoing expansion of SaskTel’s 5G and fibre networks is part of the company’s commitment to invest more than $1.6 billion in capital across Saskatchewan over the next five years.

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