Spring + Cars = Cruisin’

While gravel, grit and pot holes are a reality, might we remind you there could be future storms looming! NOT the kind of weather car enthusiast are dreaming of. Warm weather, birds singing, the leaves budding all jump start us to the eventuality of car shows, cruisin’ Albert Street or heading to your local main drag and hitting the one stop light! The spit and polish on your car, classic or not is much anticipated as a new season of show and shines, cruise nights and specialty shows is on the horizon.

Whether you keep up with Barret-Jackson Auctions or locally, Coast 2 Coast Auction Sask finding your dream car to tinker and work on is not a lost art, at least not yet. Remember the books you read as a kid; teens were often working on a hotrod, rat-rod or some old clunker that they could fix up and make their own. You just can’t do that with a 2024 Bronco, can you! Sure you might be able to “pimp it” a bit, but it isn’t the same as doing the body work, finding the after market parts and keeping it as authentic as possible.

Mark the 56th Annual Majestics Car Show on the map. Bring the car enthusiast out in your family. You remember when the car was king. Big trunks, boat like features, cool doors and bucket seats, impressive colours and big windows. Who doesn’t love the automobile. And if you don’t know, you will after this summer.

Kudos to the Majestics as they give back to the community. Below you’ll see the charities that they support. Bring your debt card, you’ll want to load up on swag. Get set for 2 days of metal on metal action!

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