Snowbirds Celebrate 100 Years

April 1st, this year marks 100 years of service for the Royal Canadian Air Force as a distinct military element.

The Royal Canadian Air Force was born 100 years ago to protect and preserve the freedoms of all Canadians, to contribute to global peace and security, and to help those in need in Canada and abroad.

Your Air Force has a long and distinguished history with many proud traditions that merit recognition by all Canadians. Generations of Your Air Force have served with distinction over the past century. Together, we honour our rich history formed by those who served before us and for many who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

The Centennial milestone places the RCAF in a unique position to honour its distinct heritage; recognize its tremendous people today; and generate excitement for its bright future. This is an opportunity to fuel internal and external support in the organization that instills pride in Your Air Force, while creating an enduring legacy that propels the institution forward into its next century of service. Canada’s Air Force will be showcased in a past, present and future context, with a focus on highlighting contributions to national safety and security, international peace and global stability.

The RCAF 2024 Team are curating a year-long program that includes International, National and Regional events, such as the RCAF Run, RCAF Gala, Legends of the Sky, and allied air demonstration team participation in Air Shows across Canada, as well as activities to Inspire future generations of Canadians through STEM initiatives, such as the RCAF Gaming Tournament.

620 CKRM will keep you posted on special events and activities around the province.

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