Watch Your Back!

Watch Your Back

The narrative never changes. “Stay in the truck, they don’t know you!” Spring time equals cows calving and that in turn, means mean-spirited mamas with no regard for human life. You do not want to get pinned face down in manure in the calving pen!

So adorable are the photos of small children with little calves. Who stages these photos? You know the ones, they populate your social media feeds and eventually end up on a calendar! These 4 legged babies have the most understanding mothers. Therefore, are 4-H heifer calves the best adult cows? Babied and cared for, handled and moved to shows and sales, there shouldn’t be that need to pin you to a wall, should there? As an adult, I can only say that the farmer, rancher knows their herd better than any one else. On occasion, those 4 legged beasts enjoy taking a run at just about anything that moves.

If you have never ventured to farm nor been around cattle, you may not be aware of the dangers of livestock. During a show like, Agribition, move when you see a bovine coming, its in your best interest. While these animals have been around people, there are noises and other distractions that can spook them. While easily captured and controlled because there are so many attending the stock, you aren’t in serious danger. BUT, if you are helping with a branding, don’t wear your best white jeans and boots, best be ready to jump out of the way or dodge that strip of runny sh%t that is aimed to hit you across the chest, expect your pants to be ripped and probably a few bruises, but your day wraps up with one hell of a story to tell.

Cows just give you a look and you know they mean business. Why else do you think there are large walls to stand behind at an auction market. And face it some breeds of cattle are just a little easier to deal with and some are just flat out nasty. To be honest it all does go back to how they are handled and their exposure to people.

Cattle are colour blind. They are territorial and don’t appreciate a lot of change. Cattle don’t like you in their blind spot, it makes them nervous. Cattle don’t like to be yelled at, but then again neither does the kid, wife/husband/partner or friend helping the farmer – so just calm down and hopefully everyone will follow suit. Be safe! Good Luck on your ’24 calf crop And for God Sake, stay in the truck!

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