WSA says most water reservoirs have enough water supplied, except for some in the southwest

The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency says nearly three-quarters of reservoirs will have enough water supplies. 

Out of the 45 major reservoirs in the province, 33 are full or are expected to be filled, another 6 are 70-to-90 percent full and are still filling, and the remaining 6 aren’t expected to be filled — most of those are located in the southwest.

Charts showing water supply levels at reservoirs around Saskatchewan, as well as water levels at Lake Diefenbaker. Source: Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

The Water Security Agency says levels at Lake Diefenbaker were brought up earlier than normal to maximize supply and as part of a “conservative operating plan” to ensure enough supply for a possible dry season. At the beginning of this month, Lake Diefenbaker was one meter higher than it was at this time last year and over 1.5 meters higher than the same time in 2022. Lake Diefenbaker supplies 60 percent of the province’s water supply needs.

The update follows the WSA’s Spring Runoff Forecast, released last month, which noted snowpack conditions ranged from below normal to well-below normal. 

The WSA will continue to monitor moisture and runoff conditions as they develop and adjust accordingly.

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