This comic book sold for a record amount

Growing up, our family basically had two comic book series in the house. Archie comics and Garfield. I hope one day one of those books might be worth a significant amount of money, but I’m not holding my breath that there’s a rare Jughead comic book edition out there.

One of the most valuable comic books of all time is the first one which featured Superman. He was introduced to the public for the first time in a 1938 edition of Action Comic No. 1 which, as you’d expect, makes the magazine incredibly valuable. Recently at a Heritage Auctions sale, a rare 1938 first edition Action Comic featuring the debut of Superman sold for a record setting price of $6 million! According to a Heritage Auctions representative the magazine was in excellent condition with just a small amount of wear near the top of the publication, but it still retained vivid colours. It’s believed there are only about 100 of these specific editions left in the world out of 200,000 originally printed.

What was the original selling price of this comic in 1938? It was $0.10! Not only did this copy sell for $6 million, but it’s only going to increase in price as time goes by providing it’s maintained in near perfect condition.

The previous record for a Superman themed magazine was set in 2022 when a 1939 Superman No. 1 comic sold for $5.3 million! Superman isn’t the only valuable superhero either. In 2021, a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 sold for $3.6 million because it featured the first appearance of Spider-Man.

I’m going home to go through my Garfield collection right now!

Photo from Heritage Auctions

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