Regina city council commits to Wascana Pool elevator

Regina City Council is committing $175,000 towards an elevator allowing people with disabilities to access the waterslide at the new Wascana Pool.

The decision also comes after numerous delegates spoke about the importance of the water slide.

That includes 5-year-old Blake Turnbull, who has Spina bifida and uses a wheelchair.

“I’m here because we need the elevator. It’s because other people like me need it, and nobody wants to be left out,” Blake said to council.

Councillors Terina Nelson and Dan LeBlanc crafted a motion that asked the city to commit capital funding for the elevator.

“What’s super exciting is there is a possibility that we can do it,” Nelson said. “The design with the right engineers and the right consultants, it’s possible to build an outdoor accessible water slide with an elevator.

Council organically voted for an elevator in March of last year for $550,000, but in December, that cost was said to have doubled, making the council reconsider the funding.

The project’s funding was shelved as the council voted to proceed with other accessibility upgrades for other facilities instead of the accessibility elevator for the waterslide.

The $175,000 will help fund the elevator. It will come from the 2024 and 2025 recreational funds.

If something is selected but costs more than $175,000, then fundraising could help cover the difference.

Nelson believes that the community would have no problem stepping up to help fund the waterslide.

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