Sask. Teachers’ Federation announces end of sanctions with negotiations set to begin next week

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation announced that they will resume bargaining negotiations with the province for a new collective agreement.

The decision results from ongoing discussions with the government, which have addressed teachers’ concerns regarding funding accountability to address class size and complexity.

The negotiations with the Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee are expected to resume on Tuesday, April 16. This means that the current job action by teachers will be suspended effective after Friday.

STF President Samantha Becotte said they had been assured that the Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee has a new mandate to adequately address all issues important to teachers.

“The Teachers’ Bargaining Committee believes this commitment by the government is a positive step,” said Becotte. “Teachers have maintained that accountability measures must accompany government funding in order to ensure resources go to support students and improve their learning experience. We are optimistic that this understanding represents a significant step forward in negotiations and brings a tentative agreement within reach.”

The STF will not implement sanctions while negotiations are taking place.

Becotte says teachers’ efforts have created a valuable conversation about class size and complexity and the importance of providing learning environments that best support students.

The active participation of parents, caregivers, students, businesses, and community organizations has been instrumental in pushing the government back to the bargaining table.

STF President Samantha Becotte reiterated the unwavering commitment of their 13,500 members and the strong support for teachers within the wider community, underscoring the value Saskatchewan people place on education and the learning experience of their children.

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