Who’s a Good Boy!

Who doesn’t have a pet these days? Me! But that’s cool, cause I appreciate those that do and keep an eye on all the postings of cats, dogs and how they interact with each other and their people.

And if you love your critter, you treat them with respect, you love making sure they are comfortable and enjoying life with treats and good food and bedding. Their grooming comes first and foremost so they aren’t matted and icky. Cats and dogs love to run, roll, play in all kinds of gross things like dead animals they find on a walk, manure, hoof clippings. You get what I’m laying down. They need TLC, just like you.

Find yourself a place that cares about your pet and you. We have become good friends with the crew at Pawsitively Purfect Pets in Regina. You definitely should take the time to discover this independently owned business. There are no adoption services here, but when you find your forever fur buddy or plan on getting one, come to talk to Richard, Dan and the staff about grooming, nail clipping, Canadian made food, raw food, toys and safety items for dogs like vests, booties, play toys, beds and much more.

Everyone that passes through the doors including Bullwinkle and his owner have great experiences when they come in. And as you can see lots of choices. Listen for Richard Friday and Monday mornings on 620 CKRM for what’s coming up for the week at 8:40 with Good Morning Saskatchewan! Pawsitively Purfect Pets is located on Rae Street just off of Grant Road, you won’t be disappointed. And if you are a JAYS fan, Richard will gladly talk baseball plus pet health!



Richard and Co. at Pawsitively Purfect Pets, Rae St. South Regina, Sask Canada has grooming, drop in nail clipping, healthy food for cats and dogs, toys and treats @Harvard Media @Toronto Blue Jays

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