“Find something you are passionate about”-Volunteer Week Begins Across the Country

“If you want your community to grow and thrive and be a wonderful place to live, you need to be part of it and give back however you can give back”.

For Bernadette McIntyre, being a volunteer is just part of who she is. She was brought up in rural Saskatchewan where she watched her dad volunteer on several boards, as well as coach hockey. Her mother was a teacher who also volunteered her time freely as well. It was the norm in a community like Bethune, and its part of McIntyre’s DNA.`

“If we want a wonderful community to enjoy ourselves, for our children to enjoy, we need to part of making it wonderful” says McIntyre.

Her resume is impeccable, and her record of service is nearly unmatched. McIntyre is an avid curler, and spent many hours volunteering, or organizing one event or another. That includes heading up the “Scotties Tournament of Hearts” and “The Brier ” on many occasions. She has been the driving force behind some of the most successful events this city has put on, and it all comes from a passion to help, and make things better.

McIntyre says just find something you are passionate about and remember, its supposed to be fun too.

“That’s what makes it a really enjoyable experience” says McIntyre. “You meet new people who come from different backgrounds, who are interesting. You have a few laughs together, and its just a good experience”.

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