Excuses and a Fridge

Don’t let people see the other side of the life you live. You don’t like it and you don’t want other to see what’s behind that door. That is the story of my fridge turning on me and eventually trying to kill me. Yes, it is a story of love and hate.

Easily the stock pile of frozen items built in my fridge freezer. Who can turn down a good deal on frozen foods like fish, perogies, beef, fruits and veggies. After all, I am going to make smoothies, am I not? And no, I didn’t make smoothies. Nor did I keep up with eating many of the frozen products that on the Family Day weekend, go bad. You see, the freezer decided enough was enough and just thawed everything. It was a huge surprise opening the one appliance that is relied on the most and it was lifeless. Did the freezer just kind of pop open?

Your fridge, is your friend. How else are you keeping dairy products, condiments, and left-overs. I was shocked, dismayed and frustrated by the cycle the fridge/freezer has been going through. And of course, I should have called our building maintenance line when it all unfolded. However, I was ashamed of the state of my place. Let me be clear, I have felt less than productive since Covid and things just seemed to mentally drain me, 2023 especially was hard. Yes, I could be searching for excuses of why this fridge issue just didn’t seem to matter. The passing of our mom on my birthday, watching her decline and having to deal with the inevitable loss has done a number on me. Work has drained me emotionally and then there was the very serious scooter accident that just seemed to slam that exclamation point on the year. It has been a lonely and hellish year events mixed with some emotional highs. The overwhelming feeling of an apartment brimming with my stuff through the years, the collection of our mom’s stuff and just no energy to deal with any of it.

Boom, it hit me – get a grip and call someone to get this bloody fridge sorted out. Not only is this annoying that I cannot keep items from defrosting, freezing, warming up and just spoiling. But it has made me sick and I still feel the repercussion of that. Surprise, Monday morning, the fridge was blowing warm air .. WTH!! The odd smell that was rolling out of the kitchen turned out to be the freezer packs that didn’t know if they were coming or going. The fridge/freezer is cleaned out – basically throwing away EVERYTHING. Honestly, this has been a good thing. How many jars of pickles, beets and jams does one girl need. Now the big question is, after having maintenance guy, Jay up to look at the fridge when is it going to be fixed. Yesterday, I sent in another request to have it fixed. A person might be able to get away with no stove ( I don’t have a microwave ), but a fridge – that’s a biggie.

Questions I have to ask. Where do glass jars go. Value Village is not someplace I want to take things. A yard sale is a must. I do know a place that is more than happy to take items as they are re-purposed to those in need. And a self imposed spending freeze is easy. It is also easy to say good bye to those pieces of clothing that no longer hold value to you. Watch on market-place you might find some deals. The amount of “things” weighs heavy on a person’s energy, their spirit, mental health and productivity.

Opening and closing the fridge isn’t about looking for something to eat, it is about the temperature inside the unit! Maybe something good did come out of this. And now, I need to roll up the dumpster for the rest of the junk! That might include this fridge.

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