Lights, Camera, Action! (Video)

The 620 CKRM control room just got a lot more high-tech with the addition of cameras! These are pretty cool cameras because they kick in every time a host turns the mic on. It’s a little intimidating because, as radio hosts, we’re not used to be in front of a camera, we’re more familiar and comfortable with being behind a microphone. We even have a TV off to the side that allows to see if we’re centered or off “the mark,” plus we can see how we look, which at 4:30am is kind of frightening! I guess we now know what TV people have to go through on a daily basis. Do we have to apply makeup now? hmmm.

Like all technology, it’ll be a learning curve and fun to play around with, however it means Gloria and I will have to change some of our habits apparently. Take a look at our inaugural video using this new technology.

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