RCL BR 001, Regina

Hello Volunteers! I hope you have had a fulfilling week doing what you love to do, helping others.

Everyone has a reason for their commitment to an organization, a cause, something that they truly believe in. All week on CKRM, we have heard stories from “super volunteers” that seem to be involved in every aspect of the volunteer culture. Keep in mind that as a volunteer, you don’t have to do it all. Showing up on time, offering a friendly voice and being present in your activity is respected by organizations that depend on volunteers.

I moved back to Regina in 2011. It wasn’t long before I had the pleasure of being apart of the Royal Canadian Legion, Regina Branch 001. As I look back on my volunteer experience some of it is driven by being in radio. By being in the public I have been drawn into helping the Red Cross, Soul’s Harbour Rescue Mission, MS Society of Canada (Regina), Prairie Winds Orchestra. Away from radio, the Grey Cup celebrations that have taken place in Regina over the past. Regina Exhibition Association Limited promotion of FROST Winter Festival and in the distant pass would be volunteering as a part of the Rowdy Gang and Buffalo Days parade.

Why we volunteer? There are many positives to taking time from your day to be a volunteer. It is an appointment away from the office. You meet new people and if you have been out of the job market for a time, it might be the window to employment. Your transferable skills are kept sharp and chances are someone is likely to see something that you may not see in yourself. Build confidence, meet like minded people that become friends. This is especially nice if you are new to an area or English is not your first language.

As a Legion member, it has been a fulfilling opportunity, I was not expecting to be on the executive, but it happened! The higher up positions I feel are best served by a veteran, or that’s what I thought, until I was on that executive. To effectively keep a non or not for profit organization, you have to have someone one the executive. The 2024 membership has these positions sealed up, but Hint Hint – there is always an opportunity in the future. And your time and input is always welcome. Gloria

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