The 26th Annual Prairie Wildfire Taekwondo Challenge!

I was able to experience something brand new this past weekend! My kiddos are in taekwondo. My 3 year old and I participate in the parent and tots class which is so adorable! My 6 year old has been in it for about 2 years now, and it’s so exciting watching him learn a new kick, or a new punch, or his patterns. I will never forget the one class, I’m sitting in the front row, and he comes running towards me and does a jump kick, hitting the paddle bang on. It startled me so much, I cried out with glee! I was one proud mamma there.

From watching adorable 3 year old’s run around and dodge a pool noodle, to 6 year old’s slowly learning their patterns, to BLACK BELTS sparring in a ring! Sweat dripping everywhere, legs coming up so high (picture doing a split standing up) that they are easily kicking their opponent in the head, intense matches that are only lasting a few minutes, but feel like an hour! It was one exciting weekend.

We were at the 26th Annual Prairie Wildfire Taekwondo Challenge in Yorkton. Teams from Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Regina, all came to compete against each other and the Yorkton team. This is my first experience in organized sports. I wasn’t in sports when I was younger, I don’t have a sporty bone in my body. So I’m experiencing everything for the first time really. When I went away for a competition weekend, it was for Drama or Debate, never sports.

I hand it to all of those athletes. They are pretty talented. From the 6 year old’s right on up to 40 year old’s competing. And I love Taekwondo for how it is all about respect. Respecting your opponents, the masters, everyone you deal with. It’s a very cool sport.

-Tonya Cherry-

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