Ride, Captain, Ride!

The City of Regina has brought them back for thrill seekers and those just looking to get from point A to point B. Behold, the E-SCOOTER has returned.

My story is one of being smashed up on Elphinstone Street, August of 2023. No one was on the street except me and that seems strange considering it was just before 1pm on a Saturday afternoon of the Queen City Ex. This particular street is a main thorough fare if you travel from north Regina to the south and can be very busy. I had my route planned in my head, but the plan didn’t work as I had hoped. And instead of getting home to prepare for an afternoon wedding, I found myself at the Pasqua Emergency bleeding from the head and having a few major scraps on my right hand/wrist. PLUS a mangled wrist.

Within a short period of time, while the bleeding continued and my wrist and hand swelled, I was informed the wrist was broken. This break would require a couple castings and eventually pins and a plate to glue it all back together. My upper torso was bruised to the point where it was hard to get out of bed when I eventually returned home after a short stay in the hospital. The cast that was originally put on my arm was so tight it hurt like hell. That was cut off with some antiquated equipment.

I kept my humour throughout the entire experience, what else could I do. Taking a ride on an E-Scooter is on you, they are fun, but you must be aware of your surroundings and what you and the scooter are capable of doing. I was adhering to the rules of the road by shoulder checking. Between that and perhaps not realizing I was in a different speed zone complicated things on that day. The E Scooter could be smarter than you and sometimes that’s dangerous with Geolocation to set No Riding Zones, Low Speed Zones and No Parking Zones, the scooter can take you by surprise by fluctuating speeds or in the case of No Riding Zones just slowing to a halt.

Whether or not I ride this year, most that saw my photos agree – stay off, Gloria. I’m leaning that way and I’m sure my surgeon, Dr. Alan Jones would agree. Surgery sees way too many people being wired back together! If you ride, know your route, pay attention, wear a helmet and be safe.

One broken wrist and a bashed up face, Summer 2023. Not this year!!

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