Here’s a little something about me that not many people know. I have a bunch of sisters – not just one or two, but a total of 3 beautiful women in my life. Among them, two are older and one is younger, and they are not just family but my absolute besties. It’s a rare and special bond that I cherish deeply.

We have worked so hard on our relationships through the years, and each one of us brings a special something to the foursome. They are my world, my life, my everything!

We text everyday, and Facetime everyday. Who am I kidding, we text and Facetime MULTIPLE times a day, because who says too much communication is a bad thing? Definitely not us!

When McHappy Day rolled around this week, I couldn’t resist treating myself to a delightful set of socks. But one set was not enough – luckily, there were 4 unique pairs available this year, and you bet I snagged them all! These cozy babies are all set to be shipped out today! 📱💕🧦 #SisterlyLove #McHappyDayGoodies #SiblingGoals

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