How Was Your Mother’s Day?

When my kiddos asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day this year, I said, “A whole family laundry time! No fighting (between the 6 year old and the 3 year old) and an hour just for mom all alone.” Laundry time kind of worked, but not really. (We are talking Dad and Mom folding laundry, the kiddos putting their laundry away, and not fighting (that’s the big one)). An hour alone for mom and no fighting, didn’t really work either. But I did get a two hour nap on the couch with my babies schmooched against me. (Yes, that’s a word). That was the best.

Being a parent is so hard. And I am tired all of the time. 😩 It’s a rollercoaster of exhaustion and chaos. Feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending demands of parenting? Yes, me, I am, over here!

I love that more and more you see moms and dads talking about this on socials, but still, everyone puts on a happy face when they go to work on Monday morning. When someone says, “Hey, how was your weekend?”
You don’t answer back with, “Well, I was so exhausted from breaking up the fights, and the constant, “Mom, Mom, Mom” that I didn’t actually get any house work done, I barely survived, and now the work week is looming ahead of me and I don’t think I can handle any of that either!”

But we do it, somehow. And presents from littles like the ones I got for Mother’s Day definitely give you special moments to hold on to when you are drowning in parenting life. Huge appreciation to all the dedicated teachers and early childhood educators make Mother’s and Father’s Day projects with our kids extra special! 🌟💕

My 6 year old brought home a little flower pot painted with flowers and a picture of him and coloured both sides of the flower, with pictures of him and I as well. I have strict instructions now to water the seeds everyday, just a little bit and make them grow. No pressure at all!

Then the 3 year old proudly came home with a little gift back and a poem about the special mom I am and here’s something to hold my jewelry. It rhymed and was pretty darn cute. He told me all about how he made with clay, it had to dry outside in the sun, and then he painted it, and it’s for all of my rings.

Those moments do make it all worth it. I’m still exhausted though. -Tonya Cherry-

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