620 CKRM Country Cookout at Morse, SK with the Potts

Another memorable and beautiful 620 CKRM Cookout get together with the Bill, Gloria & son Tom. This is the Potts homestead, North of Morse, SK. We met a lot of good people and had some laughs plus, the Potts picked up a lot of swag from our clients.

I always love to check out my surroundings when I get to my destination. I first dropped by a historical marker on highway #1 before Parkbeg and chatted with a listener who approached me while she was picking garbage up around the area.

Next we stopped at Ernfold. I always wanted to visit when I drove by as a kid. I thought it was cool they were right along the highways on a hill in coulee?

Then it was off to Morse to enjoy the sights and sounds. My wife Donnie went to school here for a short time and my Mother-in -law, Emily Kent, managed the Morse Motel for a bit. Lots of character and history here.

This CPR Dam site was serene. Could’ve easily taken a nap with the birds singing in the background on rainy, moody day. The serenity of it all. volume up.

Time to head out to the Potts north of town. Had to check out the Stonehill prairie church and cemetery.

We made to the lane way of Bill, Gloria and son Tom Potts. This is cattle country.

Thank you to Nicky’s Cafe & Catering for a hearty roast beef meal and for the beverages from Last Mountain Distillery & Original 16. We made sure nobody left thirsty or hungry. Time to socialize and make some new friends.

I can’t say enough about the vocal stylings of Kelten Chyz, who laid down his 80’s & 90s’ country on us. If you need some entertainment for an event I would recommend this young man for your function.

Here’s a little history of the Potts as their Great Grandfather migrated here in 1910 was bestowed this horse shoe for his sense of adventure. (I had a video that didn’t record properly of the story from Bill and family)

To everyone involved, we thank you. Till next time, have a safe seeding season.

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