We Planted The Seeds of Hope

Believe it and it will happen! Our radio team has been rolling around southern Saskatchewan for the last number of weeks heading out to visit farm families as they prepare for or finish up spring seeding. The beauty of this is seeing the country side turn that emerald green seen only in early spring. The disappearance of brown grass and the swelling of sloughs that have been parched for so long. Too long.

Spring snow, rain showers and cooler days have helped to maintain some of that valuable moisture. This week it could be just a bit warmer, but really the rain is welcome – it just needs to remain present. Are we not entitled to a few years of perfect weather, mother nature.

The CKRM Country Cookouts are a long running event that we hope make a difference in the lives of our farm families. We love coming out to visit and see different parts of the countryside. There are the flat lands, the rolling hills, treed areas, small farms, mixed farms, big farms, grain operations. Each with a unique personality and story. Generational farms and ones that are just getting started. Stories of hopes and dreams of creating farm life from scratch or keeping heritage farms going for the next generation.

We thank the wonderful sponsors that trust us with this venture through two important parts of the farm cycle. Our sponsors get a chance to meet farm families that are their customers. Farm families find answers to services that they use for better farm practices. A few hours of visiting, enjoying a meal together and a musical guest give us all an amazing boost.

Like so many of the things we do in life, it feels, at times, like it is a too big of a task. UNTIL, you are in the midst of it all and the pieces fall together. The time quickly passes and before you know it, eight families and their friends have become part of our Country Cookout family. I mean, Colin might as well be someone’s uncle. He travels and spends so much time in the communities attracting attention, he is the key personality bringing things to life. Colin’s photo-journal of the towns everywhere is immense and educational. We are basically a group of farm kids that grew up to connect with farm families through radio.

So, as we wrap up this week, remember; harvest season isn’t far off. You know “Time Flys When You’re Having Fun!” and we are having a great time, with all of you.

JJ Voss at Country Cook Out #7 Dustin Dyke Family.

Potts Family Country Cookout – Morse, SK

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