Spring Seeding in Manitoba Appoaches Midway Mark

Seeding progress has been observed in many areas of Manitoba this past week and is now at 47% complete.

Producers have focused on planting corn (65% complete), cereals (70% complete) and peas (90% complete).

Canola planting has just started with 20% of the acres planted.

Producers are planting a variety of crops based on soil and weather conditions.

Soil temperatures were adequately warm and the seeding of more sensitive crop types such as soybeans has begun.

Soybean planting is at 34% completion.

Overall seeding progress in the Northwest region is about 40-45% complete, while overall seeding progress in the Southwest region is about 45-50% complete.

The Interlake region is behind other regions due to recent rains and sits at 30% complete.

(Government of Manitoba news release)

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