May Long Camping Trip!

Just got back from our first camping trip in our camper over the May long weekend and it was an experience to remember! Last summer we went camping in a tent and while it was fun, my husband swore he would never do it again. I didn’t think it was that bad. We were all cozy in the tent, piled on top of each other. We even had blow up mattresses. But he is 6’2 and I’m pretty sure his feet were dangling off the end of the mattress. And he’s not big on sleeping with two kids on top of him.

So this year, he said we were investing in a camper. It was worth every penny. Despite the chilly weather, we had an amazing time. The kids were running around playing with bubbles, getting dirty in the dirt, and spending hours on the playground. It was still super chilly at night because we didn’t turn on the propane yet, but toques, extra sleeping bags, and little kiddos to cuddle with, we were fine.

We were camping with friends, and it’s funny because the two dads (my husband being one of them) said that we could only use the bathroom in the camper in the middle of the night. I had to put my foot down. I said, “You spent thousands of dollars to never sleep in a tent again, I spent thousands of dollars to never go in an outhouse again!” And I will be helping him with the sewage and all!

My parents came out to visit us, we were pretty close to town so it was perfect. My mom brought me Tomato Soup Cake. She said that the first time my dad, her and my eldest sister went camping (way before any of us other girls were born) they were at a big church camping trip. A really nice lady in the camper next to their little tent, came over with a pan of Tomato Soup Cake for them. My mom found the recipe and has remembered that ever since. The cake was so good! As soon as she gets me the recipe, I’ll share it with you.

I’m actually surprised at how few misquotes were out on the weekend. We saw on two ticks, on the 3 year old, thank goodness. I HATE ticks. But there were a lot of fish flies. I haven’t seen fish flies like this in years. But I don’t get out much. Luckily they don’t bite and fly away as soon as you walk towards their swarms.

Overall, the trip was a success and I can’t wait to go camping again. The camper made all the difference and we already planning our next adventure.

I am not a camper, didn’t grow up with it, and never thought I would become one, but I loved the whole weekend and I’m really excited for our next trip. Who knew camping could be so comfortable and enjoyable? Here’s to many more trips in our cozy little home on wheels!
-Tonya Cherry- #camperlife #maylongweekendcamping #campinglife #thegreatoutdoors #makingmemories #campingsummer

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