Embracing Serenity: How to Slow Down in Life?

Was life always this hectic, or were things genuinely slower when we were kids and our parents were navigating their days? I feel like I can’t keep up. I love work, I’m lucky that way. I absolutely love my job, especially in the summer when there is so many events, festivals, and fun things to be a part of. I love my weekends and time when I get to spend with my family. I especially love the nights, when we are all cuddled in bed (someday my kiddos will sleep in their own bed) safe and warm. Writing this, I’m pretty damn lucky.

The only problem is that I feel like I am on a never-ending carousel, spinning faster with each passing day. Anyone else feel like that too? Was it this busy for our parents? Back when I was little in the 80’s early 90’s, did our parents run as much? What do the experts on the inter-web say about days gone by. Well the biggest difference that I’ve been reminded about was, our parents navigated their worlds without the constant buzz of smartphones and social media.

1. **Less Digital Noise**: Emails, texts, and notifications weren’t bombarding their every second. Conversations happened face-to-face or over the phone – and waiting wasn’t a crime! You couldn’t always reached or expected to respond immediately.
2. **Work-Life Boundaries**: 9-to-5 was a sacred mantra. Work stayed at the office, allowing evenings and weekends to be family time. (This wasn’t so much in my house. My dad worked from home, so anytime our landline rung, he jumped to get that phone). 🏡
3. **Natural Rhythms**: Life flowed with the sun and seasons rather than the relentless tick of a clock. Nature determined the pace, offering moments to breathe and reset. 🌞🌙 (K, this is what I found online, would you agree with this in the 80’s and 90’s? I mean we had clocks then, but maybe this is true).

Sure, our parents faced their own challenges, but the absence of today’s relentless pace left room for a different kind of balance. I think too, things were supposed to change after COVID right? We were supposed to learn from that and slow everything down. It didn’t slow down, I feel like it is even faster than it was before. But is that just me?

Okay, so how does the internet say we should/could slow down? Tips out there?

Supposedly here’s the secret sauce:
1. **Prioritize Like a Pro**: Focus on what truly matters. Not everything needs to be done today!
2. **Digital Detox**: Step away from screens. Unplug to recharge your mental batteries. 📵
3. **Mindful Moments**: Spend a few minutes daily in meditation or simply breathing. Stress melts away when you live in the now. 🧘‍♂️
4. **Say ‘No’ More**: Free yourself from unnecessary commitments. Your time is valuable; spend it wisely. 🚫
5. **Plan Downtime**: Schedule rest just like any other task. Self-care is productive too!

I hate lists! Do these 5 steps and you will be happy. Do these 5 things and you won’t feel nearly as stressed out. Well I know there’s something to those 5 points that I found. Is it just a matter of making a point to do them? Or does that just feel like one more thing on your already very long “To Do” list? -Tonya Cherry-

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