Ask Yourself…. Can I Afford A Pet?

I’ve always wanted to adopt a dog or cat from the Regina Humane society. The thought of giving a shelter animal a loving home fills me with joy. Guaranteed the love would be there, the upkeep would be there, but reality sets in with a crucial question: would we be there when the bill comes in from a vet visit? At one point, I was confident and thought, yes, we could definitely do this, but with the skyrocketing cost of things nowadays, my budget is pretty tight. It’s disheartening to know some people who have multiple pets and they now cannot afford to feed or care for them properly because of the high cost of loving a pet. The financial strain is becoming unbearable for many. Additionally, now we see more veterinarian clinics are going corporate, adding another layer of complexity to the already burdensome cost of pet ownership. Anybody need a pet sitter?

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