Comedian Rob Schneider Pulled From Stage During Fundraiser in Regina

American Comedian Ron Schneider was asked to end his set early during a fundraiser for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation Saturday night at the Conexus Arts Centre.

Schneider’s material “did not align” with the values of the Hospitals of Regina Foundation, or its team.

A photo of author, comedian and actor Rob Schneider during a performance in Edmonton on June 2 2024, one night after being asked to leave the stage during a performance in Regina, Photo from Rob Schneider’s “X” social media feed.

Schneider is known as an alum of the NBC Comedy series “Saturday Night Live” as well as several movies and TV appearances.

Social media posts popped up on places like “Reddit” from people who were at the event. Some people started walking out during the performance.

A news release from the Hospitals of Regina Foundation states “While we recognize that in a free and democratic society individuals are entitled to their views and opinions and that comedy is intended to be edgy, the content, positions and opinions expressed during Mr. Schneider’s set do not align with the values of our Foundation and team.”

The statement goes on to say “A decision was, therefore, made to ask Mr. Schneider to end his performance earlier than intended, to which he agreed and immediately left the stage. An unconditional apology was offered right after to our guests and our community.”

The “Four Seasons Ball” was a financial success, as the event was sold out, and it raised $350,000.00 for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation.

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