Province, teachers unable to agree to solve issues with binding arbitration

The Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee and the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation are once again at a standstill in their negotiations.

Talks resumed this week after a deal that was agreed to by both committees was rejected by 55 per cent of the STF.

The committee has proposed using binding arbitration to settle their differences, but they are now saying the STF has declined. This decision has been met with criticism from Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill, who is quoted in a news release as saying he believes that binding arbitration is the best way to reach a deal and avoid further disruptions to student learning and activities.

The STF’s leadership has been accused by the province of prioritizing job action over reaching an agreement, with almost 20 other public bargaining tables settling within the government’s wage mandate.

The committee has endorsed a tentative agreement reached earlier, but it was not ratified by the membership. The impasse is affecting students and families, with concerns about the impact on instructional time and important student activities.

The committee is urging the STF to reconsider its position and work towards a resolution through binding arbitration.

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