Regina Pride “Appalled” with the Come Together County Music Event at Mosaic Stadium

Regina Pride has issued a statement about an upcoming country music event being held in the REAL District at Mosaic Stadium.

Regina Pride says it is appalled that a public facility is being used by a group that “promotes such a directly hateful agenda.”

The two day “Come Together” event is being run by Gospel Fire Ministry, based in Tisdale. The event itself is promoted as “a unified gathering of prairie people to the presence of God.”

The event features high profile Canadian performers like George Canyon, and High Valley among others.

On the Gospel Fire Ministry web page, there is a section called “Statement of Faith”, which outlines the ministry’s beliefs.

A link to the Gospel Fire Ministry’s page “Statement of Faith”

That page talks about marriage being just between a man and a woman. The same page says homosexuality is a sinful, and offensive to God.

None of these beliefs are part of the promotional material for the event, but the organizer’s beliefs are clearly laid out on the Gospel Fire web page.

Regina Pride says “we support everyone’s right to freedom of speech and the right to individual
religious beliefs – the hateful rhetoric from the Gospel Fire Group has no place in our province,
in our city, and ultimately in our publicly funded and maintained spaces”

They are calling on the managers at Mosaic Stadium and REAL to cancel the event, or at least be more transparent about its intent.

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