Regina’s German Club has New AC Unit Gutted by Thieves

Regina’s German Club is now grappling with a significant setback. Last fall, the club’s old air conditioning unit, vital for their summer banquet business, broke down. Recognizing the necessity of this cooling system, the club started months of diligent research, saving, and fundraising- which finally paid off when they secured a new air conditioning unit.

Getting the new AC was made possible by the generous efforts of a board member, who donated two days of his time and used his vehicle to travel to La Ronge, Saskatchewan. He loaded up the unit and safely delivered it to the club, marking a moment of relief for the members.

However, the joy was short-lived. The unit was delivered Tuesday afternoon with plans to have it installed on the rooftop promptly. Unfortunately, within a few hours overnight, thieves dismantled and gutted the entire unit, likely for scrap metal to cash in.

The club found the gutted unit the next morning. The news has left the members and the neighborhood in shock and dismay. The club has filed a police report and reviewed security footage, but say their hopes for justice are slim. This incident is not just a financial blow but a significant emotional one for the club and the community, highlighting the ongoing issues of theft and vandalism those in Regina’s core are facing.

“We are left to our own devices again,” a facebook post read “The inconsiderate actions of a few have cost us dearly. Despite our efforts and precautions, we end up bearing the brunt of such acts.”

The club is now tasked with finding additional time and resources to replace the stolen unit, an endeavor made all the more difficult by the previous effort and funds already spent.

“It’s exhausting to constantly have things like this happen to us.” The club posted on social media platform X.

This incident is one of a recent string of break-ins and thefts being highlighted by Regina businesses and groups on social media.

Those interested in making donations to the club to help them recover from this loss can call (306) 352-5897 or reach out via email to [email protected]

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