Canada Post Asking Dog Owners to help protect letter carriers

Dogs and postal workers have been at odds since the the very first letter was sent.

Its a safety problem for letter carriers because while you may believe your dog is the “friendliest” in town, the postal worker doesn’t know that.

That’s why Canada Post is out with some tips for dog owners, and how they can help prevent any confrontations.

– Be careful when you answer the door – make sure your dog is secure so they does not slip out.

– Keep your dog inside, in a fenced yard, a separate room or tied up far from the front door or mailbox.

– Keep front doors and fence gates closed.

– Keep your dog away from the screen door, even if it is locked.

Canada Post delivers to more than 92 thousand addresses in Regina, and says it would like all of those letters and packages to be delivered, and all of their letter carriers to be safe.

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