Hail, Funnel Clouds, & Rainbows on the Prairies yesterday!

As we embrace the near arrival of summer, we often anticipate warm days filled with sunshine, picnics, and outdoor fun. However, in recent years, the summer season has thrown us some unexpected curveballs in the form of bizarre and extreme weather patterns. Gone are the days when we could predictably plan our summer activities. Now, it seems that each day brings new and surprising weather challenges. From funnel clouds, to tornadoes, hail and massive downpours, to the sky filled with smoke. It’s hard being an adult these days isn’t it.

As a radio announcer, I want to be able to tell everyone what is going on around the GX94 listening area, especially when it comes to the crazy weather that is now our summers. While it may seem like I have a wealth of resources at my fingertips, the reality is that I have two main tools to rely on: the view from outside my window and my computer. So when you send in your pictures and videos it bridges the gap between my isolated vantage point and the expanse of the prairies.

Yesterday there were tornado warnings in the Russell area, and severe thunderstorm watches for all of the listening area. I’m pretty sure the weather report interrupted the music yesterday about 10 times throughout the afternoon on the radio. Your images and insights provide a real-time, on-the-ground view of what’s unfolding across our community. When our GX94 listeners started sending in their pictures to our text line, it helped a lot for me to be able to report on what was actually going on around us. So thank you.

The first picture (left) came in from Heinze. This was taken 4 miles east of Yorkton around 4:30pm yesterday. Next (picture on the right) came in from Derek from Saltcoats, saying “A little funnel cloud outside of Saltcoats earlier this afternoon.” A LITTLE funnel cloud?!! I guess it probably is. I don’t think I’ve actually seen any funnel clouds close up before (I’m usually the one sitting in the radio station far away from nature) so this one looks big to me. But I’m glad it wasn’t!

And then we got two pictures of hail, one (right) from around the MacNutt area, and one (left) from the Sheho area.

And this was only June 12th. So thank you again for sending in your pictures. You can always text them to us at
306-783-8622. Seeing exactly what you’re seeing really does make our job easier and helps us to be able to report accurately for everyone who is listening! Thank you to Pearl from Hinchcliffe, around the Preeceville area, for sending in her picture as well. This was taken yesterday morning. Mother Nature, you are a powerful, terrifying, beautiful force!

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