Moe says he doesn’t believe in chemtrails

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe clarified his stance on chemtrails during a news conference at Canada’s Farm Show Tuesday, firmly stating that he does not believe in the conspiracy theory.

The topic of chemtrails arose during a recent town hall event in Speers, part of his Rosthern-Shellbrook constituency, where Moe encountered several conspiracy theories. But Tuesday, Moe made it clear that he does not subscribe to the idea of chemtrails, which some believe involve airplanes dispersing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

“I actually don’t believe in chemtrails or dropping chemicals,” Moe said during the news conference. He elaborated that the question at the town hall was not specifically about chemtrails but included broader concerns about pollution from airplanes. Moe acknowledged that jets do emit pollution, which is an issue that deserves attention. He stressed the importance of addressing real environmental concerns while distancing himself from the chemtrails conspiracy theory.

At the town hall, Moe was handed a stack of papers by a resident who claimed that the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and the Public Health Agency of Canada had used a Chinese delivery system to infect the population at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moe responded by agreeing to read the document, a response that was met with applause from many in attendance. Moe was also asked about barium, aluminum, strontium, lithium, and atrazine allegedly being dumped on the province. He indicated that he had to look into the matter further, as he had only recently started receiving emails on the topic.

Yesterday, Moe emphasized his responsibility to listen to his constituents, even when their questions are based on conspiracy theories. He explained that many residents of his constituency had driven a long way to attend the town hall and ask questions. “I’m an MLA that represents the people that live in my constituency of Rosthern-Shellbrook, and when I am invited to go out and listen to them, I am going to,” Moe said.

He also addressed a question that insinuated the SHA was involved in the COVID-19 pandemic as part of a bioweapon delivery system. Moe disagreed with the claim but noted that he had not yet reviewed the document provided to him.

During the Canada’s Farm Show event, Moe highlighted the importance of the agriculture industry to Saskatchewan’s economy. He spoke about international trade with India, improving irrigation, sustainable farming practices, and increasing exports of Saskatchewan technology and food.

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