Producers Being Reminded of Ditch Mowing Season

As the annual highways hay salvage and ditch mowing season progresses, the Government of Saskatchewan is reminding farmers and ranchers of several key dates. The program, which allows landowners by highway ditches the first opportunity to cut or bale free hay, until July 8. After this date, anyone may cut or bale the hay.

“The annual hay salvage and mowing program provides many benefits to area landowners, producers, and motorists,” said Highways Minister Lori Carr. These benefits include optimal snow storage in ditches to reduce drifting on highway surfaces during the winter, improved visibility of signs due to a neat appearance, better control of brush and noxious weed growth, and safer intersections and highway curves by maintaining acceptable sight distances. Additionally, the program offers producers the opportunity to salvage feed for livestock.

The Ministry of Highways, in collaboration with local rural municipalities and contractors, will manage the mowing program. This year, approximately 44,500 hectares are slated for mowing.

By maintaining the ditches, the program helps ensure safer road conditions for motorists. The reduced snow drifting and improved sign visibility contribute significantly to road safety, especially during the harsh winter months. The program also plays a crucial role in controlling brush and noxious weeds, which can otherwise spread rapidly and cause issues for both agricultural activities and road maintenance.

For more information and a complete list of key dates related to hay salvage and ditch mowing, farmers and ranchers are encouraged to visit the Government of Saskatchewan’s official website here.

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