Universal Music Steps Up

AI music has taken on a new challenge altogether. So many variables and implications to it, not to mention, self credibility. A major record label has taken some big steps.

Universal Music, the biggest music company in the world, has signed a deal with artificial intelligence start-up Soundlabs to create what it calls “official ultra-high fidelity vocal models for artists using their own voice data for training while retaining control over ownership and giving them full artistic approval and control of the output.”

In a nutshell, the deal allows singers signed to the label to train AI models using their own voices, meaning that that Vince Gill – in theory, at least – could record a new album using AI-generated vocals without committing his own voice to tape. The deal ensures that artists retain ownership of the results and are given full artistic approval on how they’re used, so that not everyone can make a new Vince Gill album. 

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