P. A. police seize handguns, cocaine, meth, and opioids

P. A. police seize handguns, cocaine, meth, and opioids

Apr 3, 2024 | 9:31am
 Two people were arrested after the Prince Albert Police Service Crime Reduction Team (CRT) and Saskatchewan Trafficking Response Team (STRT) wrapped up a drug trafficking and firearm investigation last week in Prince Albert. On March 29, police executed search warrants in the 2000 block of 15th Avenue East and the R.M. of Buckland and seized […]

Drugs seized after traffic stop near Maidstone

Apr 24, 2023 | 3:17pm

A huge cache of drugs was seized by RCMP after a traffic stop on Highway 16 near Maidstone. After the two male occupants of a vehicle gave their identification, registration and sobriety check, officer became suspicious that the occupants were in possession of illegal drugs. The passenger was revealed to be breaching release conditions. Once […]

Car in the ditch, leads to cache of drugs

Jan 13, 2023 | 1:40pm

A car in the ditch led the RCMP in Yorkton to a cache of drugs. Police spotted a car in the ditch last week, east of Yorkton on Highway 10. The driver gave police a false name, and the passenger refused to come out of the vehicle. The car was reported to have been stolen […]

Moose Jaw police seize meth, cocaine, fentanyl and guns from planned operation

Dec 5, 2022 | 1:15pm

The Moose Jaw police recently posted the results of a planned operation last week. Four people were arrested, as patrol members, the canine unit, Criminal investigation team and the tactical response team collaborated in the investigation. Police seized 320 grams of methamphetamine, 50 grams of cocaine, 153 grams of fentanyl and 387 grams of an […]

Regina Police arrest one man after seizing over 6,000 grams of drugs

Sep 19, 2022 | 11:54am

Over 6,500 grams worth of drugs was seized by the Regina Police Service’s Drug Unit, leading to one person facing various drug charges. Regina Police made a vehicle stop on Highway 11 on September 14, which resulted in 47-year-old Christopher James Karpiak of Lacombe, Alberta, being arrested. Over 1050 grams of fentanyl, over 1500 grams […]

RCMP Searching for Suspect Facing Drugs and Weapons Charges

Aug 17, 2022 | 2:32pm

The RCMP in Saskatchewan are renewing their call for help, as they try and find 42 year old  Kurt Miller. He was arrested and charged with numerous drug and weapon offenses. In 2020, police went to a property in the RM of Glenside, north of Biggar as part of a drug trafficking investigation.  In a […]

Police Uncover Drugs in Traffic Stop

Jul 11, 2022 | 9:34am

The RCMP made a sizeable drug bust on the Trans-Canada Highway near Maple Creek that includes meth and cocaine. On July 6th, police spotted a pick up east bound on the Number one with an obstructed license plate.  Police decided to stop the vehicle. After searching it, police uncovered 954 grams of methamphetamine, 337 grams […]

Major cocaine bust in North Battleford

Aug 16, 2021 | 4:56pm

North Battleford RCMP say, with assistance from the Saskatchewan Crime Reduction Team, they pulled over a vehicle on Friday and the resulting search allegedly turned up five kilograms of cocaine. The RCMP say five kilos equates to approximately 50,000 doses and law enforcement officials stress this is extremely significant to North Battleford and surrounding communities […]

Alberta man facing drug charges after being pulled over for going 164 km/h near Wolseley

Jul 21, 2021 | 1:52pm

An Alberta man is facing charges after traveling 164 km/h on Highway #1, near Wolseley On July 16th, just before noon, RCMP observed a vehicle speeding excessively near Wolseley. The officer pulled over the vehicle and noticed a sum of cash and illegal cigarettes in plain view. A full search of the vehicle was conducted, […]

Regina men charged after Moose Jaw Police find weapons and drugs during traffic stop

May 25, 2021 | 7:09am

Police in Moose Jaw say two Regina men are facing charges, after weapons and a large quantity of meth, cocaine and fentanyl were found inside a vehicle. Police conducted a traffic stop on Saturday. When officers pulled the vehicle over they immediately noticed weapons inside, the driver and passenger were then detained and a search […]