Helene Henning-Hill

City urges people to avoid flooded areas as city recovers from heavy rainfall

Jun 11, 2021 | 2:30pm

The City of Regina is urging motorists to avoid flooded roads and underpasses after 50-60 mm of rain fell in the Queen City. Helene Henning-Hill with the city says fire crews have had a busy day rescuing people from flooded underpasses. “The Fire Department has had to rescue several vehicles from the Albert Street underpass, […]

City of Regina advises residents to keep grease, fat and oil away from drains

Aug 5, 2019 | 9:30am

The City of Regina is urging residents to ensure they are not draining grease, oil or fat into their sinks or other drains. The city says grease will harden and stick to the sides of pipes, causing blockages called fat burgs that can be costly to fix. Spokesperson Helene Henning-Hill said there have been serious […]