Judy Ferguson

Provincial auditor’s latest report recommends improvements to patient safety, regulating recreational cannabis

Jun 8, 2021 | 1:33pm

Saskatchewan’s provincial auditor tabled her latest and final report on Tuesday morning. Of the several items covered in the 2021 report, Provincial Auditor Judy Ferguson highlighted concerns including patient safety at health care facilities, early learning and regulating recreational cannabis. Patient safety improvements The report stresses the need for the Ministry of Health to improve […]

Province in search of new auditor as Judy Ferguson announces resignation

Feb 16, 2021 | 11:49am

Provincial Auditor Judy Ferguson has handed in her notice of resignation. Ferguson was officially appointed as the provincial auditor in June 2015 after she served as the acting provincial auditor from September 2013. She will continue her role until the end of June, at which point an acting provincial auditor will be named by the […]

Provincial auditor says improvements needed in several areas

Dec 8, 2020 | 5:02pm

Saskatchewan produces the second highest amount of waste per capita and has the lowest diversion rates in Canada. That’s according to the Provincial Auditor’s Report released on Tuesday Judy Ferguson says the Environment Ministry has set a provincial waste reduction goal to reduce the amount of waste per person by 30 per cent from 2014 […]

Provincial auditor’s report includes IT security issues for patient data from eHealth

Jun 23, 2020 | 2:22pm

A report from the Provincial Auditor recommends annual criminal background checks on all adults in a foster home, centralizing the IT network at eHealth and better maintenance planning for the Horizon School Division. The Provincial Auditor’s report includes details on annual integrated, performance and follow-up audits of 60 different government agencies. eHealth Judy Ferguson says […]

Provincial auditor comes down hard on Provincial Capital Commission in her latest report

Dec 5, 2019 | 12:33pm

The Provincial Capital Commission must be better when it comes to approving developments in Wascana Park. Provincial auditor Judy Ferguson makes that statement in her 2019 report. Ferguson says the PCC at this time has no plan when it comes to consulting the public about major developments in the park and that being more transparent […]

Saskatchewan auditor wants better monitoring of opioid dispensing in pharmacies

Jun 6, 2019 | 11:16am

Saskatchewan’s provincial auditor has tabled a report that calls for the Health Ministry to pay closer attention to how highly addictive opioids are leaving pharmacies. Judy Ferguson took a microscope to how the ministry monitors prescribing and dispensing of opioids. She says codeine, hydromorphone and fentanyl prescriptions patterns are higher in Saskatchewan than national averages. […]