Sask Power

Residents of Sask. set a new record for electricity demand with Sask. Power

Sep 1, 2022 | 3:41pm

Sask. Power released that customers have set a new summer demand record for electricity of 3,597 megawatts. The demand for electricity peaked the night of Wednesday, August 31st at 5:14 p.m. The jump in electricity demand isn’t surprising with the heat wave. “We see high peaks both in the summer and in the winter and […]

Government Approves SaskPower Rate Increases

Jul 28, 2022 | 2:40pm

The Saskatchewan Government has signed off on a proposed rate increase by SaskPower. There are two increases on the horizon, both four percent.  The first is September 1st 2022, and the second is April 2023. Each will add about 5 dollars to the average residential customer’s bill. “The decision to increase rates is not taken […]

Storm Knocked Out Power In Regina

Jul 14, 2022 | 4:39am

A strong thunderstorm rolling through Regina early this morning,  knocked out power to almost half of the city. The storms brought thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and some good wind gusts. Sask Power’s Outage Map showed most of the west side of the city, west of Albert Street is in the dark this hour. The power […]