Orange means go for trick-or-treating in Bethune

Oct 17, 2020 | 10:27am

The Village of Bethune is doing a unique program to ensure kids in their area can have a somewhat normal Hallowe’en during the COVID-19 pandemic. The village is giving orange flags to property owners who are wanting to hand out candy on Hallowe’en night as a signal to kids treat-or-treating that night. Councillor Chris Lloyd […]

Drivers and pedestrians need to be alert while trick-or-treating: SGI

Oct 31, 2019 | 11:44am

It’s Halloween, and the trick-or-treaters will be out in full force. SGI’s Tyler McMurchy is stressing safety for both those celebrating the evening, and drivers. “Kids are going to be excited. They might not always be paying attention to those safe habits when they are crossing the street so it’s extra important for drivers to take […]