Tyler McMurchy

Slow! SGI’s Traffic Safety Spotlight set to stop speeders

Oct 3, 2022 | 2:54pm

The SGI Traffic Safety Spotlight for this month is focused on speeding. Throughout the month, police across Saskatchewan will be on the lookout for any drivers exceeding the speed limit by more than 35 and 50 km/h; exceeding the limit in a school zone; exceeding 60 km/h while passing highway workers as well as when […]

Slow and steady wins the A’s: SGI

Sep 1, 2022 | 12:50pm

With the beginning of the school year, SGI says slow and steady wins the As in school zones. It’s back to school zone speed limits for those communities who switch back to regular residential speeds over the summer. SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurchy warns that getting caught speeding through a school zone, comes with a punishment […]

Proof of COVID-19 vaccine required for SGI road tests

Oct 7, 2021 | 10:26am

As of Oct. 25, anyone in Saskatchewan wanting to take a road test to get their operators license will have to have proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. SGI’s Tyler McMurchy explained the rationale behind it. “This move is intended to improve safety for both our customers and our employees,” McMurchy said. “Obviously, […]

SGI’s October Traffic safety Spotlight focusing on distracted driving

Oct 4, 2021 | 9:20am

SGI’s October traffic safety focus is on distracted driving. Spokesperson Tyler McMurchy, says an average of 877 people have been injured each year in collisions caused by driver distraction and inattention on Saskatchewan roads. “Those collisions also caused an average of 26 fatalities per year, McMurchy said. “So that’s much higher than average, in fact […]

Unsafe driving still an issue on Saskatchewan’s grid roads according to SGI

Sep 22, 2021 | 1:51pm

Driver safety on grid roads in Saskatchewan was SGI’s traffic safety focus for August. SGI’s Tyler McMurchy says grids pose challenges, such as uncontrolled intersections, more wildlife and farm equipment. “There’s also something a bit unique when it comes to impaired driving,” McMurchy said. “Of the fatalities that happened on rural roads, basically half of […]

Over 3,700 hail claims submitted to SGI after Tuesday’s storm

Sep 2, 2021 | 4:03pm

SGI has been busy fielding claims after the powerful storm that rolled through the Regina-Moose Jaw area. Spokesman Tyler McMurchy says while the claims vary, 95 percent of them are from the hail, adding as of Thursday afternoon, thousands of claims were already submitted. “There have been so far, in Saskatchewan, 3, 723 auto claims […]

SGI urging motorists to watch out for farm machinery during harvest

Aug 15, 2021 | 8:32am

SGI is cautioning drivers who may encounter farm machinery during harvest. Spokesman Tyler McMurchy says you should only pass when it’s safe to do so. “We don’t see a high number of collisions involving farm equipment on Saskatchewan roads. Typically, around 20 a year, but a high proportion of those do result in injuries and […]

SGI’s Traffic Safety Spotlight focuses on construction zones in July

Jul 5, 2021 | 10:40am

Orange Zone speeding is SGI’s traffic safety focus for July. Spokesman Tyler McMurchy says the message is simple: slow to 60 km/h in construction zones. “Last year, we saw more than 1,500 convictions for speeding in work zones,” McMurchy said. “We want to remind folks that not only during July, you will see police pay […]

SGI reminds drivers to stay safe on the highways during Canada Day travel

Jun 30, 2021 | 2:18pm

Canada Day is on the way, and SGI is reminding those hitting the roads to take extra care and attention on the highways. SGI says the big four – speeding, seat belts, impaired driving and distracted driving — account for 80 percent of collisions in the province. Spokesperson Tyler McMurchy says there’s more vehicles on […]