Can you identify this weed?

Over the past few weeks I have been pulling weeds out by the handfuls in the yard. Last night I spent about three hours trying to stay ahead of a weed that is really taking over in my yard and in other neighbourhood yards as well I’ve noticed. Ripping weeds out is quite a workout and I’ve discovered muscles I didn’t know I had. I was up, down, squatting, leaning, and everything in between. Today it feels like I had the most intense leg day at the gym!

Some of the weeds are the standard kind that everybody has like dandelions and those strange shamrock looking things. The one I’m most concerned about is a broadleaf weed that is dark green in colour and spreads all over the place. It’s got an incredibly deep and viney root system that seems to extend forever. Some of these mysterious weeds are easy to pull out, while others are difficult to pull, usually resulting in just the stems above the dirt being broke off. This particular weed seems to thrive more in the shade but it’s not limited to it as I have found growth in more sunny areas of the yard.

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I have discovered pulling them out seems to be effective providing I get the root, but herbicide has not worked so well. Earlier this spring I used Killex on this broadleaf weed and it made it sick, but it did not die. This makes me question the effectiveness of chemical on these weeds. So, if you think you might know what it is and have a management idea I’d love to hear it!


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