Have you ever eaten dandelion salad? Would you try it?

The 13th of June is upon us already and supposedly it’s “weed your garden day” today, something that I’ve been doing almost every day it feels like. Almost everybody these days are dealing with those pesky dandelions in their yards. They may look pretty when they flower but they can spread and take over a yard in no time is seems. Some people enjoy digging up the dandelion greens, washing them off, and making a salad with them prompting someone like me to ask “huh?” Why would you ever want to eat dandelions?

It is a legit salad food because, after all, Martha Stewart has a recipe for it on her website. It must be good if Martha Stewart can make it work! The salad includes virgin oil, sea salt, lemon, garlic, and a pinch of sugar. While all these ingredients sound good, the part that sounds terrible are the dandelions! Ewwwwww is all I can say. I can’t speak for everybody here, but so far I haven’t bumped into anybody that claims their mouth waters while pulling out dandelions! If you’re starting to foam at the mouth while pulling out dandelions I think you’ll either a) need to try making a dandelion salad or b) visit the doctor!

I only have one piece of advice if you’re looking at making a dandelion salad this summer. Try and find the dandelions where the dogs, cats, and rabbits don’t go to the bathroom on! Other than that, bon appetit.



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