Robo-texts are just as annoying as robocalls

Yesterday afternoon as I was watching the weather radar to see if we were going to get nailed by a summer storm, I received my first political robo-text. I’ve heard of others getting them but I had never received one until yesterday. It said ” Hi, it’s Sarah from the Conservative Party. Can the Conservative Party count on your support in the next federal election. Reply, Yes or No.”

I used to enjoy having interesting and meaningful political discussions until the incredibly over the top keyboard warriors of our generation decided to start insulting others on social media to the point where it’s out of hand. Regardless, I now save my political thoughts amongst my closest friends over a coffee or a beer and while we may agree or disagree, we all get along after!

When I received this particular robo-text I didn’t know how I felt. I was going to respond with the following: “I don’t know Sarah, I feel like we’re rushing too quickly. We just met. Maybe we could get drinks first? Perhaps dinner and where this goes?”

I did not press “send” on that message but part of me REALLY wanted to just to see what the response would be! I view robo-texts as just as annoying as robocalls and telemarketers. I hope all political parties learn that these messages are intrusive and, perhaps, anger people enough that it may affect their chances at the ballot box. Voters are not stupid and they will make their judgements on who should get elected or re-elected based on what they see, how leaders carry themselves, their policies, and how life will be better under a specific party. Stop with the robo-texts!

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