Brandt becomes exclusive John Deere Construction and Forestry dealer after acquiring Nortrax

The Brandt Group of Companies will now be serving the entire country after a recent acquisition.

The company is acquiring Nortrax and is now the exclusive John Deere Construction and Forestry dealer for Canada.

Brandt’s Shaun Semple said this is the largest acquisition in the company’s history, immediately adding about 700 employees to Brandt and about 3,400 employees nationwide.

He discussed how the move will open up the eastern Canadian markets to the Brandt Group of Companies. “Not just for our dealership operations, but also a lot of our products we manufacture right here in Regina will now have an outlet for sale in eastern Canada,” said Semple.

It also provides economic diversity and security for the company.

For those who were originally employed by Nortrax, they may see some changes coming soon.

“When we moved into the Maritime provinces in 2013, our employment has gone up in those provinces by two and a half times and our employment here in Regina went up as well. Really I expect the same thing to happen in eastern Canada as well this time around.”

The first full day of operation for the combined dealer network was October 28.

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