‘Not in a million years’: Winners announced for Hospitals of Regina Fall Home Lottery

There were lots of smiles and laughs shared at the Hospitals of Regina Foundation Home Lottery grand prize show home on Friday morning.

Members of the foundation announced the main winners for their 2019 fall lottery.

The top prize, a $1.1 million home located on Chuka Drive in The Creeks neighbourhood plus $30,000, was won by Peter and Tina Naylen of Regina. Their family joined them for the announcement as the keys to the house were awarded to the couple.

The Naylens have supported the lottery for many years, but becoming one of the big winners is something they never thought would happen in their wildest dreams.

“We just sat down for our meal and we were watching the news, but we missed [the announcement],” recalled Tina when she was telling the story about how they found out they won.

“I get a phone call from my daughter and she’s crying and screaming saying we won. And then our phone went crazy, and it has been hard to believe.”

The Regina couple are fans of the home’s layout compared to other show homes, adding that it feels like a family home with an executive touch. Peter said they fell in love with the house after touring it the first time.

“The first day when the home was opened and we bought our ticket, we both said ‘I could live in this house’, and this is the first one we’ve had that feeling,” he explained. “We felt attached right away.”

Hospitals of Regina Foundation President and CEO Dino Sophocleous (right) presenting Peter and Tina Naylen with keys to their new home. (Photo: Moises Canales/620 CKRM)

Pilot Butte’s Lolita Vansteelandt and her family were announced as the winners of a $700,000 lakefront cottage off the waters of Pasqua Lake and $5,000.

She watched the announcement on her television and heard her name was called. Lolita turned over to her husband and shouted “Oh my god… was that my name?”. After rewinding the TV and hearing the name again, they began to celebrate.

As a worker in the health care sector, Vansteelandt said it’s important for her to support such an important foundation to the province. “Anything that we can do to support our hospitals is always a good thing to do because we’re all going to need it at some point in time.”

The family does not know what they will be doing with the cottage yet, but Lolita admitted that it’s a fantastic surprise to her and the family.

Other main winners from Friday’s announcement include Ron Melnechenko of Foam Lake, taking home the 50/50 add-on of $374,582.50; and Gail Prill of Regina, winning the choice between a Mercedes-Benz A250, Mercedes-Benz GLA250 or $45,000 cash.

A complete list of winners will be posted on the lottery’s website on November 21.

Proceeds from the fall home lottery go towards the foundation’s $2.3 million Cardiac Care Campaign. The Mosaic Company is also matching up to $1 million to support the cause.



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