NDP commits to addressing healthcare staffing needs with health human resources plan

The Saskatchewan NDP is committed to bringing in over a thousand new healthcare professionals to the frontlines with a health human resources plan if elected as government this fall.

On Monday morning near the Pasqua Hospital in Regina, NDP leader Ryan Meili said it’s part of his party’s promise to repair Saskatchewan’s failing health system and fix staffing in long-term care after years of cuts and privatization by the Saskatchewan Party.

Meili explained how the plan would meet the staffing needs of Saskatchewan’s primary, acute and long-term care systems.

“This means enough funding to add 100 doctors, 150 registered nurses, 300 licensed practical nurses and 500 clinical care assistants,” stated Meili.

It’s part of their election platform to invest $100 million in staffing and healthcare in Saskatchewan if they are to form government.

When asked how the positions will be allocated throughout the province, he said there will be a mix of urban and rural additions.

“We’ll be working with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, the Saskatchewan Medical Association, SRNA, SUN, professional associations and healthcare unions to make sure we distribute this in the right way and get the care where it’s needed most.”

He finished by saying his government would welcome healthcare professionals that are being forced out of Alberta under a conservative government to a province that would be committed to creating the best health and long term care standards in the country.


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