SGI asks “Could You Live with Yourself?” in new drunk driving campaign

SGI is launching a new media campaign, asking the question, “Could you live with yourself if you killed someone while driving impaired?”

Minister Responsible for SGI, Don Morgan says the campaign will focus on all the consequences of impaired driving, both legal and moral.

“There are stiff penalties such as huge fines, jail times, and license suspensions, but it’s also about the feelings a person would experience of their bad decision killed someone else, the guilt, the shame, a lifetime of regret,” said Morgan. “We don’t anyone to find out what that feels like, and we don’t want anyone to lose their life because of something as preventable as impaired driving.”

Two prominent voices behind the campaign are Lou and Linda Van de Vorst, who lost their son Jordan, his wife, and their two children, to a drunk driver in 2016.

They say it’s important to spread awareness of the consequences of drunk driving, because they never want anyone to go what they have.

“An irresponsible decision to drive impaired, has potential to leave a never-ending path of pain and suffering in the lives families or individuals killed or injured because of a selfish decision,” said Linda. “Always make the right choice to never drive impaired, and always plan ahead.”

Lou hopes this ad campaign makes people think about drinking and driving beyond the legal penalties of it.

“This ad, hopefully, will cause people to think about what the possible consequences are,” said Lou. “Is it worth my while to just go ahead and drink and drive? Or not spend money on a cab? Or not arrange a good way to get home? Is it worth it to me and to family?

The campaign will run throughout the month of February.

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