Frost Regina – a monumental success

Regina spent the last ten days a little warmer thanks to the crew behind the FROST Regina Festival. The festival brought residents to four hubs across Regina for winter activities and and special events.

Driven by numerous community partners and sponsorships the festival organizing committee achieved something that shouldn’t have been possible – says Regina Mayor Sandra Masters. “usually you build these things up. You start small and go big. We decided to go big.” The festival has given children something that they are going to grow up loving and looking forward to every year. “We made winter beautiful, we made winter fun, we made them not hate the cold”.

The festival saw more than 68,000 venture out into the cold and enjoy winter in Regina.

“The city is very grateful. We’ve celebrated something that is part of our DNA.” The “something” Mayor Master’s was referring to? Winter.

“We did it! We had a goal and we had a dream, we had an idea. Over the last 10 days we have made that a reality, and more importantly we have something to look forward to in the future,” said Time Reid festival co-chair. “I am so proud of the organizing committee, volunteers and staff from all the hubs for putting together an incredible signature event for our city. We are a city where winter comes to life.

FROST brought together the very best in sport, culture, art and entertainment – culminating in a stunning display at Regina’s Mosaic stadium Saturday night.  “I’m struck by the sight of 10,000 people filling into Mosaic Stadium on a February night in minus 18 with 40 KM hour winds to watch two time Olympic champion Elvis Stojko”.

Saskatchewan Party MLA Derek Meyer’s echoed the excitement of the FROST committee on successfully putting together this event and bringing people in the Queen City together.

“Those who sing through summer must dance through winter. To everyone in Regina, everyone on the committee, everyone who attended. Thank you for dancing through our winter together.”

Expect FROST  to return in 2023, no doubt bigger and better than ever.


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