City Council Dispute Lands In Court of King’s Bench

A dispute between a Regina City Councilor and the new City Manager is being heard by a judge at Court of King’s Bench this morning.

Councilor Andrew Stevens filed the lawsuit, after a proposal to end homelessness in Regina was left out of the proposed city budget.

He wants it to be part of the proposed two year budget plan, and is looking to the courts to force the city Manager, Niki Anderson to include it.

The idea would add 487 dollars to the average property tax bill next year, and 143 dollars the year after that. It was rejected for that reason.

Mayor Sandra Masters has stated she wouldn’t vote for the proposal, even if it is in the proposed budget.

The city is looking to finalize its budget by the end of this week, and the first meeting to discuss the proposed city budget is tomorrow.

Stevens is hoping to get a judicial order to include the proposal to end homelessness as part of the preliminary budget.

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