Holocaust Education in Saskatchewan to be Compulsory

In a groundbreaking decision, the Saskatchewan Party has unveiled plans to make Holocaust education a compulsory component of the renewed Social Studies 10 curriculum.

Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill stressed the importance of addressing antisemitism in Canada, identifying knowledge of the Holocaust as a vital tool to reduce hate and discrimination.

“Antisemitism, unfortunately, is a prejudice that remains a problem in Canada,” Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill said. “Knowledge of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust is important for our youth as it helps reduce hate and discrimination in society.” Cockrill said in a media release.

The curriculum overhaul is slated for introduction to high school students in two years and will undergo a development process involving collaboration with teachers, content experts, and the Jewish community.

This initiative echoes similar announcements in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, underlining a nationwide commitment to comprehensive education on the Holocaust.

The Ministry of Education in Saskatchewan will actively engage with the Jewish community to ensure their valuable input in shaping the content.

As Canada takes a collective step toward fostering historical awareness, these curriculum changes mark a pivotal moment in the ongoing fight against prejudice and discrimination.

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